An onboarding redesign to entice enrolling students.

Company: Chatterbox
Bootcamp: General Assembly
Length of sprint: 3 weeks
Team: Izzy Silverman, Cam Wilson, Alice Hannam, Dora Musci
My role: researcher, UX/UI designer

What is Chatterbox?

Chatterbox is an immersive language learning platform, combining AI assisted learning with live teaching sessions on video, where each student gets a personal language coach. The course is supplied mainly to corporates where working professionals have the opportunity to learn with Chatterbox. Some companies who have used the service include Unilever and Microsoft.

Having previously worked as a TEFL-qualified English language teacher a few years ago, I was really…

Bootcamp: General Assembly
Length of project: 2 weeks
Team: Izzy Silverman, Catherine Allen, Catherine Gates, Charlie Bullman
My role: researcher, UX/UI designer


My first group project at General Assembly involved me and 3 classmates. We were tasked with an exciting brief- to integrate a new feature- ‘artist rooms’ into the existing Apple Music app- a place for hosting acoustic gigs, podcasts, and chats where artists can interact with their audience. We were presented with a list features that must be included:

  • Ability to access a ‘music/artist room’ hub
  • Ability to pay for the membership
  • Ability to browse and follow artists…

Designing an e-Commerce website for a local, independent bookstore.

Bootcamp: General Assembly
Length of project: 2 weeks
Team size: solo
My role: researcher, UX/UI designer


As part of a 2 week design sprint at General Assembly, I was tasked with designing an e-commerce site for an independent bookshop, Prose & Poetry, based in Highgate, North London. The client’s goal was to have an improved e-Commerce experience, whilst maintaining their ‘small shop’ appeal as it is a local treasure. The client had some specific requirements, which were:

  • Must have multiple clear ways of locating specific products.
  • Have a product description for…

A UI focussed mini-project.

Bootcamp: General Assembly
Length of project: 1 week
Team: solo
My role: UX/UI designer

After lots of research, synthesising, and mapping for my first few projects at General Assembly, we were given a purely visual design brief, so that we could work on our UI skills. We had a choice from designing a knitting app, plant app, or a news app for kids aged 8–10. I chose the latter, as I felt designing for kids would allow me to play with bold colours in a way that I hadn’t got to in previous projects. Having previously…

Izzy Silverman

Junior UX Designer

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